Although in the first two years he didn't own a guitar, he wasn't discouraged, because whenever he could he would ask his friends to lend him a guitar. At age 17, at last, he bought in "10th hand" his first guitar, and in the same year formed his first band, called "E.T.C.". From that moment on he went through several bands always playing original compositions with local and school musicians until 1986, when he joined a band - Doutores & Engenheiros (Doctors & Engineers) where he end up replacing the guitar player. Two more years went by in several garages and attics always rehearsing new songs until the first contract came along, with Edisom in 1988. On that year the first album was released "Doutores & Engenheiros", produced by Manuel Cardoso (Ex-Tantra) and in 1989 the second album "Lavagem de Estrada" (Road Wash) came out, where he took the role of a producer for the first time.

From 1990, when the band broke up, he became a freelancer musician, having played with portuguese artists as diverse as: Adelaide Ferreira, Mafalda Veiga, Marco Paulo, Nucha, José Reza, Paulo Gonzo, Chiquita, Luís Filipe Neves, João Marcelo, Fernando Pereira, T.C., and João Portugal. It's obvious that one of his main strengths is the versatility and ability to adapt to styles so diverse such as pop, heavy metal, folk music, blues, fusion, country, dance music, funk or jazz. This mix of styles would end up influencing his future works, as a solo artist and as a producer. This can be observed in the "Guitarristas" (Guitar Players) CD, where the commercial factor was not taken into account and where it is possible to find some of the best guitar players from Portugal in their real environment. Naturally, in all the time went from his first band until today, he has travelled the country several times, summing more than 1500 live performances between clubs and the so called "big shows".

There were also two TV experiences, where he was part of the resident band for the shows "Eu tenho dois amores" and "Última Chance". Teaching has been one important part of his career since 1992, and on this area he has been collaborating with "Pró Música" magazine since April 2001.

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