His influences are so varied and wide that certainly wouldn't fit here, nevertheless, although he is to some extent self-taught, he has been updating with every type of information and his influences (not only guitar players) increase year after year. Here follows a short list of some of the musicians that helped him develop his style: Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Back, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Michael Lee Firkings, Albert Lee, Frank Gambale, Allan Holdsworth, Brett Garsed, Bireli Lagrene, Mike Stern and Scott Henderson.

His first solo work will be out soon, and will be solely instrumental. It was totally recorded home, in a room on a 3rd floor. In the quest to diversify as much as possible his work, he also works as a producer for other artists and bands, trying to build two parallel careers, one solo, and the other as a freelancer, both having music as connection.

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