Advanced Lessons II [ See also Classical works & Improvisation & Licks ]

> Guitarists (Signature styles)
1) Michael Romeo"Smoke and Mirrors"  Intro PowerTab
2) YJM arp -  "Liar"  Solo Arpejos PowerTab
3) Jason Becker"Altitudes" Secção de arpejos PowerTab
4) Steve Morse - "Tumeni Notes" Intro PowerTab
5) Paul Gilbert - "Colorado Bulldog"  Intro PowerTab
6) Steve Trovato -  "Country Rock"  PowerTab
7) Dave Celentano -  "Flying Fingers"  PowerTab
8) John Petrucci -  "The Glass Prisson"  Solo PowerTab

" If you really play your guitar with attitude and you don't care about any rules or boundaries that are temporarily set up by commercial considerations, then you're a shredder." (Joe Satriani 1993)

The Complete Setup (used for lessons)

Fender Stratocaster standard
Strings: D`Addario, 010, 013, 017, 026, 036, 046
 Pick: Jim Dunlop Stubby 2.0mm
Preamp: Pod Pro
Bridge pickup: DiMarzio "The Chopper"
Middle pickup: Fender Gold Lace (single-coil original)
Neck pickup: Seymour Duncan "Hot Rails"

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